The Janoska Ensemble will make their debut performance at Walton Arts Center on Tuesday, March 28 at 7pm as part of the 10x10 Arts Series. Ticket prices are $10 and can be purchased in-person at our Box Office, by calling 479.443.5600 or online here

Many artists say music is in their blood. For the Janoska Ensemble, founded in 2013 by brothers Ondrej (violinist), Frantisek (pianist) and Roman (violinist), together with their brother-in-law Julius Darvas (double bassist), the claim may literally be true. As the sixth generation of a highly musical family, the Janoska’s talent is embedded in their DNA. Along with third generation bassist Darvas, the ensemble has developed a “Janoska style,” the profoundly personal vision of music that explores a vast range of works—from a classical repertoire to original compositions and completely idiosyncratic arrangements informed by jazz, pop and world music. “Artistic license is very important to us in all the pieces we play,” Roman says. “It allows us to continuously create new versions and that is what constitutes Janoska style.”

Steeped in classical musical since childhood, the ensemble draws on instrumental traditions passed down in their family from father to son. Each of the group’s members is an award-winning virtuoso in his own right—together they form a chamber dream team. They don’t hide their individual styles; they let them shine.

Their debut album, Janoska Style, released March 10 features interpretations that trace each work back to its source of inspiration yet make each piece thoroughly modern. “Our challenge is to create something the original composer would be proud of,” says Frantisek, who does the arranging for the group.

They are equally comfortable riffing on Paganini with dueling violins playing the original score and an improvised jazz variation, mixing strains of czardas and Balkan folk tunes into a Johann Strauss waltz or composing an original rumba that harkens back to Mozart.

On stage, they play with a contagious joy, eliciting a stand-up-and-cheer response normally reserved for rock stars. Julius adds, “We arrange and compose music ourselves and on our own terms. None of our concerts are ever the same. They are a string of spontaneous reactions.”

The 10x10 Arts Series combines great shows with free interactive pre- and post-show activities. Audience members can hear directly from the artists before the show during the creative conversation at 6 pm. After the show, join the performers and fellow patrons for a post-show party with drinks and light snacks.