Thanks for another wonderful evening! Stay tuned for details about February 2018's Masquerade Ball.


About the Masquerade Ball

The Masquerade Ball is an annual fundraising event hosted by Walton Arts Center’s Corporate Leadership Council (CLC). The CLC is chaired by Mark Henneberger (Walmart) and Arist Mastorides (Kimberly-Clark) and made up of business leaders who support the education and outreach programs of Walton Arts Center which are designed to improve classroom learning and inspire people of all ages through engagement activities focused on performing and visual arts. In 2016, the Masquerade Ball raised approximately $204,000 in support of educational programs. Private support raised through events like the Masquerade Ball allow Walton Arts Center to offer most education programs at low or no cost to more than 40,000 students, teachers, families and individuals in Northwest Arkansas. 

To purchase a table, please contact Amy Freeman at 479.316.7500 or

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