Joy Pratt Markham Gallery


The Joy Pratt Markham Gallery presents exhibitions of works by both emerging and internationally recognized artists.  You're invited to explore new perspectives on nature, identity and community.

Joy Pratt Markham Gallery Hours:

Monday-Friday | Noon to 2pm
One hour prior to most performances
Gallery admission is free

Private gallery tours may be scheduled in advance by calling 479.571.2766. Please arrange your tour at your earliest convenience. We request three business days’ notice to schedule tour guides.

Current Exhibition

Glacial Shifts, Changing Perspectives:
Bearing Witness to Climate Change
Paintings and photographs

May 4-September 30, 2017
Opening reception: May 4, 5pm  LEARN MORE

Internationally recognized artist Diane Burko, pictured, creates large-scale paintings and photographic series that chart the effects of climate change on glaciers around the world.

We invite you to learn about the artist, explore the exhibition catalog, and to visit the artist’s website.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Charting Terrain: A confluence of light and form

October 5-December 23, 2017
Opening reception: Thursday, Oct. 5, 5pm
Six diverse and dynamic contemporary artists challenge the limits of pictoral space using unique, diverse and varied media, charting landscapes that independently and collectively synthesize light and form.

Featured artists: Victoria Burge, Ben Butler, Theresa Chong, Sean Morrissey, James Siena and James Turrell
Pictured: Sawtooth, Victoria Burge


Victoria Burge   Sawtooth 

The Grammar of Ornament

January 18– March 17, 2018
Opening reception: Friday, January 19, 5-7pm
This exhibition explores the interdisciplinary practices of contemporary artists who sit at the intersection of art and design to consider the ways that ornament can create visual languages.

Adornment: Beauty in Excess

March 29– May 25, 2018
Opening reception: Thursday, March 29, 5pm
The seven contemporary artists in this exhibition fuse intimate objects, delicate materials and obsessive processes to explore the uncertainty of our physical condition and the vulnerability of the human body.

Featured artists: Petah Coyne, April Dauscha, Carson Fox, Roberto Mannino, Matt Neff, Piper Shepard and Kayte Terry
Pictured: detail, Examination of Conscience, April Daucha

The Bleak and the Burgeoning

June 18– October 7, 2018
Opening reception: Monday, June 18, 5pm
The works in this exhibition, including large-scale installations, are physically curated in ways that reveal both an independent sense of personal geography, as well as a collective experience of fragile terrains.

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